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Petition to Prohibit Mandatory Vaccination

December 12, 2012, Posted by: , 15 Comments Leave a Comment

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A couple of days ago we were told about a petition to ask President Obama to stop mandatory vaccination in America. (Link HERE.) We agree with the petition’s desire to stop forced vaccination for many reasons but we want to make sure folks understand that vaccines are mandated by US states, not by the Federal government. That said, we still think you should sign the petition to help raise awareness about the unethical practice of forced vaccination and ask that you spread the petition far and wide.

We also want to point out that while the petition is correct in pointing out that all medical procedures carry risk, that vaccines are subject to contamination, that they contain some harmful substances and that their efficacy is questionable, there are many other problems with vaccines that are well documented in the medical literature (see our Catalogue of Science) but these problems and the potential harm from vaccines are not the reason we oppose vaccine mandates.

We opposed vaccine mandates because we don’t believe any medical practice should be forced. We don’t believe people should be coerced to undergo any medical practice, period. We believe in the principle of informed consent enshrined in the Nuremberg code and articulated and defended by Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center for 30 years.

Informed consent requires that an individual be given full information about the pros and cons of a medical treatment before agreeing to the treatment. Informed consent further requires that an individual voluntarily agree to the medical treatment. Vaccine mandates by definition negate the possibility of making a voluntary decision and should not be tolerated in a just society. Moreover, large gaps in the body of science surrounding vaccines exist, thereby negating the possibility of having full information to make that voluntary decision. To this point, it is generally believed that decades of vaccine use in medical practice is evidence of their safety but as a scientist we know states quite clearly, “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. Without studies comparing the long term health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, without clinical trials using true placebos instead of another vaccine or aluminum, or mercury as a control, without studies documenting exactly how vaccine ingredients are processed, metabolized and excreted from the body, we simply do not have the information to exercise informed consent.

Informed consent is an ethical standard established in the Nuremberg Code to ensure the Nazi practice of using human beings to conduct medical experiments never occurred again. The fist tenet of the code is: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”. This means no coercion, full information, and a voluntary choice about whether to undergo the treatment in question. Surely those who choose vaccines as part of their medical protocol can realize that coercion does not belong in a just society and coercing others into a medical treatment is plain wrong. That’s why we oppose vaccine mandates and urge you to sign the petition.