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We have compiled this collection of links to help parents, lawmakers, healthcare practitioners and scientists understand several important points about the vaccine issue:

  • there is abundant science published in peer reviewed medical and scientific journals suggesting cause for concern about the safety of vaccines;
  • the vaccine debate is not a debate between parents and doctors but rather amongst scientists with opposing views;
  • vaccines may be linked to a host of chronic illnesses and conditions such as asthma, allergies, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, autism, unexplained infant death and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, and others;
  • there are connections between the gut, immune, and neurological issues often seen in vaccine injuries.

There are two lists of links: one list that provides the conventional perspective on vaccines, and one list that provides perspectives concerning vaccine safety, awareness and freedom issues that challenge the conventional perspective. Neither list is exhaustive but rather provides a flavor of what is out there to digest as you work your way through your own personal decisions and Think Again!

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Vaccine Safety, Awareness and Rights Issues

NVIC – National Vaccine Information Center


Age of Autism

TheVaccineBook.com by Dr. Bob Sears

Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute

Dispelling Vaccination Myths, Alan Phillips

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny




Natural News


Pathways to Family Wellness

The Canary Party

Medical Veritas

Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Rights and Legal Resources

NVIC- Advocacy Portal

NVIC State Vaccine Requirements

Vaccine Rights – Attorney for vaccine exemptions

Shoemaker and Associates – attorneys for vaccine injury

Conway, Homer and Chin-Caplan, P.C.   – attorneys for vaccine injury

Carol L. Gallagher  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Maglio Christopher and Toale  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Curtis Webb – Vaccine Injury Law  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Richard Gage and Associates  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Andrew D. Downing  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Vaccine Injury Alliance  – attorneys for vaccine injury

Federal List of Vaccine Injury Attorneys – list of all vaccine injury attorneys in US

Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy

Conventional Perspective

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

ACIP – Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

NVICP – National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program


VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

World Health Organization