Ways to Donate

If you’ve seen THE GREATER GOOD, you know how valuable it can be as a tool to explore the complex and at times confusing issue of vaccines and vaccine safety.

We are committed to sharing the film as a powerful tool for education and awareness to people who both influence the distribution of vaccines as well as those receiving vaccines so we can all Think Again about the issue from a well-informed perspective.

By now you may have used our tools for sharing this film: you may have shared the film as a gift or sent a New Parent Gift Box to someone you love.

What next? Your contributions will help us bring the film to parents, state and federal policy makers and healthcare providers everywhere.

Why Give?

Put this film in the hands of health care practitioners.

With your support we can fund outreach efforts to deliver this film and the latest in peer-reviewed science to healthcare practitioners.

Translate the film into other languages and provide captioning for the hearing impaired.

We have hundreds of requests from around the world for translation into a dozen languages.  Make this dream come true for parents worldwide.

Reach teenagers.

With your gift we will launch a special campaign dedicated to helping young teens and their families get all the information they need to make informed decisions about vaccines.

Host screenings at every state capitol.

We are dedicated to getting this film into the hands of people who are creating policies that affect our children.

How To Give


If you would like to make a donation between $25 and $250, please use the drop-down below.

Donation Amount:


If you would like to give a check donation, please send check to:

BNP PIctures
PO Box 6325
Sun Valley, ID 83354

Women Make Movies Site

If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation, please do so on the Women Make Movies website.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We welcome your ideas about how we can assist in making a difference in your community.